Crossroads Treatment Center: National Leader in Opioid Treatment

Crossroads Treatment Center

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Crossroads Treatment Centers is a national leader in outpatient medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. It operates more than 110 clinics in 10 states. Its team of dedicated doctors, nurse practitioners, counselors, and professionals are focused on helping people overcome addiction.

Personalized counseling is provided for every patient who gets admitted to this drug rehabilitation center. It covers several theories that encourage patients to make a new start in life without drugs.

Medical Treatment

The facility is home to a devoted team of doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacists, CADCs, case managers, and therapists. These professionals work together to help clients overcome their addiction and lead a happy life. They use an evidence-based approach to treatment and have a track record of success.

The organization provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment, which combines FDA-approved medications (including Suboxone and methadone) with counseling sessions. This combination of treatments has been proven to be more effective than traditional therapy alone. It also has a lower cost and is more accessible for those with busy lives.

The facility specializes in treating co-occurring disorders, such as eating disorder and substance abuse. In addition, it offers gender-specific treatment programs and a residential program for men and women in Portland, Maine. It also accepts several insurance plans, including Washington State Apple Health and Kaiser Permanente. In addition, it is committed to promoting equity and inclusion in its clinics.

Personalized Counseling

Personalized counseling is a vital part of any addiction treatment program. It provides the individual with the tools they need to overcome their problems and build a strong foundation for recovery. Individual and group therapy sessions are available. Additionally, Crossroads offers family counseling to help individuals rebuild their relationships and heal from the damage caused by substance abuse.

Crossroads is a national leader in the treatment of opioid use disorder. It operates over 90 clinics in 10 states and uses evidence-based medication-assisted treatment. It has a network of physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors, and therapists who are trained in the latest evidence-based therapies.

The company is in-network with most major insurances to cover the cost of treatment. It also offers a competitive self-pay rate and financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. Crossroads is accredited by CARF and licensed in each state that it operates. It offers residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs. The company is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.


If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may think treatment is out of your budget. However, if you consider the long-term cost of substance abuse, treatment is much cheaper than continuing to use drugs or alcohol. The staff at Crossroads are committed to making treatment accessible for all clients. They strive to make treatment affordable and work with individuals to create a payment plan that works for them.

The facility offers a variety of treatments and modalities to treat opioid addiction. They offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which is a combination of FDA-approved medications like Suboxone or Methadone with counseling sessions and toxicology services. This approach is considered the Gold Standard for opiate addiction treatment, and is proven to be effective. Intensive psychoeducational group therapy is offered to clients on a daily basis, covering topics such as relapse prevention, life skills, basic needs and anger management. This allows clients to build a support network that will help them in their recovery.


Crossroads Treatment Center is an integrative addiction recovery program for adults that offers a combination of psychotherapy with evidence-based complementary care. Their services include a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox, medication assisted treatment (MAT), residential inpatient programs, and aftercare support. They also offer specialized programming for young adults, military personnel, and Spanish language speakers.

The facility is located on a tranquil island and provides clients with a restorative environment while they undergo their treatment. Their staff organizes daily activities that are designed to stimulate the mind and body. These activities include beach trips, educational workshops, and other recreational activities. The facility also includes weekly relapse prevention classes and psychoeducational groups that focus on recovery-focused life skills.

The facility offers gender-specific residential inpatient programs, as well as an intensive outpatient program. They have programs for men at the Crossroads Flower facility and women at the Crossroads Extension facility. These programs combine 12-Step and SMART recovery with a focus on recovery-focused life skills. They also provide weekly drug testing, and individualized mental health assessments.

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