Teen dramedy Crossroads returns to theaters for global fan event, coinciding with Britney Spears’ memoir release.

Crossroads Returns to Theaters This Fall for a Global Fan Event

Britney Spears’ 2002 film Crossroads is cruising back into theaters for a global fan event on Oct. 23 and 25. The girls’ road trip dramedy carries the same pastel aesthetic, blue eyeshadow, and miles of midriff favored by Spears’s core audience.

But it also has some grit, dealing with topics like date-rape, teen pregnancy, and maternal abandonment. And it’s sweetened by a soundtrack of (em)power-pop songs.

The Story

20 years ago, Britney Spears scored her first movie role in the teenage road trip flick Crossroads. Though panned by critics, the film went on to exceed box office expectations and become a cult favorite. The film starred Spears, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning as childhood besties who embark on a cross-country trip with barely a plan and practically no money but plenty of dreams.

Along the way, they rediscover their friendships and gather experiences that will change their lives forever. Especially for shy, sheltered Lucy, who longs to connect with her absentee mother (Kim Cattrall) against the wishes of her father (Dan Aykroyd).

The film is set to return to theaters Oct. 23 and 25 as part of a global fan event, in partnership with Trafalgar Releasing, Sony Music Entertainment and RCA Records. The theatrical re-release coincides with Spears’ forthcoming memoir, The Woman in Me. The book will see the singer discuss her 13-year conservatorship.

The Music

Britney Spears makes the case for her own adolescence with eloquence in her movie debut, the 2002 coming-of-age road-trip drama Crossroads. Sadly, it was also the last time she ever took a real shot at acting.

Crossroads follows Lucy (Spears), Kit (Zoe Saldana) and Mimi (Taryn Manning), three childhood friends who bury a time capsule at their high school graduation. Years later, they reunite to dig up the contents of the box.

The plot is simple teen soap opera; the girls rediscover their commonality through a series of experiences. Despite the fact that this story is overly familiar, the film still manages to deliver a sweet and wholesome tale of personal growth. This is mostly due to the excellent cast, led by a surprisingly believable Dan Aykroyd as Lucy’s father. The rest of the ensemble includes future TV stars Kim Cattrall and Anson Mount as Mimi’s boyfriend and Kit’s dad, respectively. Besides the film itself, the DVD also features a selection of deleted scenes, a photo gallery and a special music video.

The Performances

The 2002 coming-of-age road trip dramedy Crossroads, the Princess of Pop’s feature film debut, is returning to theaters this week for a special global fan event alongside Britney Spears’s memoir The Woman in Me. On Thursday, distributor Trafalgar Releasing dropped a freshly edited trailer to mark the occasion.

Spears stars as Lucy, a small-town Georgia high school girl who sets out with her childhood BFFs Kit (Zoe Saldana) and Mimi (Taryn Manning) on a cross-country adventure that’ll teach them to love and live their dreams. The trip will also bring them closer to their parents, who play by Dan Aykroyd and Kim Cattrall.

While many star vehicle movies of this kind rely on overly sentimental, cliched teen clichés, Crossroads swerves away from them in every way possible. Its makers, from Spears to screenwriter Shonda Rhimes (writing years before Grey’s Anatomy), were sympathetic toward the trials of modern teenage girls. The result is a movie that has more brains than it does brawn, and proves to be a daring move for a pop star at the peak of her fame.

The Final Words

Britney Spears’ 2002 film Crossroads is set to return to theaters this fall. The teen dramedy will be rereleased Oct. 23 and 25 as a global fan event in support of Spears’ upcoming memoir The Woman In Me, Trafalgar Releasing, Sony Music Entertainment, and RCA Records announced Thursday.

The movie has a few problems – like a clumsy subplot about an unwanted pregnancy that feels ripped from Dirty Dancing and a soundtrack full of hits that seem pushed in because they fit the story – but it also has some real heart and wit. For anyone who was a teen during Spears’ reign of pastel glitter, miles of eyeshadow, and thigh-baring body suits, the scene in which Lucy and Mimi commandeer the car radio to play ’NSync’s Bye Bye Bye is a gigglesome throwback.

But above all, this is the first time in two decades that Spears’ acting doesn’t feel exploitative. This is the kind of role that could have been easily passed over for another pop star, but she makes it work, and carries the whole film with her.

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